Thursday, October 4, 2007


I really owe it to my faithful few blog readers to explain my absence here, and let you know what I've been up to. I woke up 3 weeks ago, and suddenly decided I wanted to be a teacher - a lifelong dream of mine! I've been studying like mad, because there are several craaaazy tests I have to pass real soon, and lots of books to read and catching up to do. I'll start taking classes next semester. I also may be working at the YMCA after-school care center, to gain valuable experience dealing with children. I looked for an hour for a picture to post with these few remarks, and found nothing! I'm afraid my right brain is taking over again!!! That's that awful non-artistic side, the side I've used most of my life! I guess it must be engaged to pass these upcoming tests, but for now I feel I'm not even worthy of this blog. Well, I will keep you updated on my progress - wish me luck!!! Oh, and happy fall y'all!

****Recent Update***** I got so worked up over this left brain thing taking over, almost to the point of tears, so I just went and retook the Left Vs Right Brain test here. Guess what? I've actually improved on my art side from my last test of 50/50 brained! I'm now at 35 left/65 right! So, we're all OK! I can still paddle around the coast of the artistic bloggers and not feel like a complete non-swimmer! (Oh, there's lots more fun tests on that site, if anyone has lots of time!) Maybe I'll even start crafting again this fall!