Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oh, this is Cool!

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
"> ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more "
"> ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and moreLots of thanks goes to Cheryl (Artsy-Fartsy) who found this super fun site to horse around with! Have at it: Here.

Monday, July 30, 2007

My Art Doll Hat for Cheryl

Here's the Art Doll Hat I made for Cheryl (Artsy Fartsy). I wanted to design something extra special for her, so I surprised her by making the doll with her daughter's face! Her daughter is very pretty, and I grew to really love her darling face, the more I sat and admired the doll! I used a premade cone for the skirt, and covered it in a gathered vintage fabric, with a lacy overskirt. Her wings are real ferns that I pressed and layered between some sheets of clear contact paper. Her wand and collar have jewels, and she has a layered top, which was painted, glittered, and covered with netting. Her head and body is backed with vintage sheet music. I really enjoyed styling this art doll for Cheryl, and sure hope she likes it! The doll in the purple skirt is one I showed last week. I just remade the wings and wand! She was my practice doll. Soon she'll be getting a "friend" in the mail from my swap partner.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Won!!!

Today was a big mail day! I won a prize drawing from the very generous Amy Elise Designs, and it arrived today!!! I was so excited and happy as I opened the big pouch of goodies! Tags, paper flowers, lovely paper, buttons, fancy brads, and more all came pouring out of the jam packed envelope! I'm so glad I entered that contest! This was big, big, big! I immediately used some paper and ribbon, and have lots more to use. Thank you so very, very much Amy!!! You're a doll!!! Oh, also in the mail was my order from her! I couldn't resist getting some more of her pretty tags! I love those tags!

I finished my Art Doll Hat and have mailed it off. I'll post pictures as soon as I hear that she's been received by Cheryl. I'm excited about recieving the doll she made me, too. She even gave me a sneak peak of it, and it's beautiful!!! I also finished a birthday present for someone very special, but I can't show it for awhile...she may drop by here! Hint: It's very pretty, and about 9" X 12"! I'm still working away on my next paper bag scrapbook, the one for the swap. I should finish in another few days, and will post pictures here.

I hope eveyone's enjoying their summers, especially those lucky ones on vacations - like Amy and Heidi!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Some Received ATCs & some Shopping Songs!I

Hi everyone! In case you're tired of seeing my art work, today you get to see several cards I've received from recent swaps! I had 2 Childhood Memory ATC swap partners. The first lovely set of 3 cards was sent to me by the talented Jullie Dodds. Her beautiful cards are slick and totally finished off, very professional! I love them! I'm sure they were very time consuming to create, and really shows. The next 2 Childhood Memories cards were made by another talented and creative artist, Hollie, from the UK. Her charming cards were made from 3 identical photos that had been cut and glued onto each other, giving a 3-D look. Aren't they gorgeous? The last 2 cards were sent from Deborah Edgwell of New Jersey. These 2 were for the "Found on a Walk" swap that we all enjoyed so much! Isn't that flat rock wonderful? This was the swap that changed me forever: I'm forever looking down and around for things to make cards out of!

I had to run into Michael's this weekend (I forgot why!) and sure enough: they played that song they ALWAYS play every time I go in there! The other songs are always just a blur, but this one is distinct and comes on loud and strong. I almost laughed out loud! It's just unreal...EVERY time I'm there I hear it! Then, I had to go pick up something from Hancock fabric store. I immediately noticed their very cool oldies rock music! What a treat! All of a sudden, just for me, my song came on the air!!!! "Mustang Sally"!!!! (My name is Sallie, and I used to drive a '65 Mustang!) I was just thrilled! I made sure I bought a few extra items, just to thank them! And I also promise I won't return anything!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm a Winner! Scrabble, and Scrapbooks!

I'm just so excited! I actually won a prize from a very special Blogger, Amy Elise Designs! She just announced I won a packet of her famous goodie pack of ephemera! Her sweet and darling son picked my name! Thank you very much, Amy Elise!!!! You've made me smile and smile! I was poking around her Etsy store a week or so ago, and found her wonderful tags for sale, quite inexpensively! Part of my order was a big bag of about 30 of her pretty tags for only $3.00! I've included a picture of some of them. It was my first time buying on Etsy! I also put in an order for some of Frankie's (Blue Moon Studio) lovely paper flowers, again about 12 for $2.50. What wonderful affordable fun! I enjoyed using some of each in the paper bag scrapbook I finished yesterday.

Here are the pictures of my very first brown paper bag scrapbook! I made this at the encouragement of Heidi, who generously sends these out to any one who asks her for one. The other one I pictured last week was made by my daughter, so this is my first attempt. The picture of the cover also has the 3 side insert cards. I thoroughly enjoyed making this album!

Lastly, I've got to help spread the word that there's a new Scrabble dictionary out there! It's the 4th edition. Man oh man, it's got a couple new words in it that are doosies!!! Now, "QI" is a word, as is "ZA". This is big, big news for a die-hard Scrabble player like myself. I'm not sure what else is new, but I'll keep checking. My daughter and I love to play Scrabble, especially our new game Super Scrabble. It has 5 blanks instead of 2, 10 Ss, and we can really score high playing on it! Anyway, get the news out about this new 4th edition Scrabble dictionary! If I come to your house to play, I'll need it!!!! (Or you'll never believe QI is actually a word.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Practice Art Doll Hat

This is my practice Art Doll Hat. Actually, mine is not really a "hat". It's supposed to be a Fairy!!! I sincerely need everyone's help to give me suggestions on how to make this look more like a fairy!!! I'd really appreciate your advice and opinions! I don't want to disappoint my swap partner. My real fairy Art Doll will look different, depending on what suggestions you kind readers give me! Thank you so much, in advance. Oh, just for the record, this doll has a lovely lace slip under her dress. This was such fun to make! I enjoyed getting out my sewing machine, and the glitter bottles. I even wound up with glitter in my peanut butter sandwich at lunch today! My art fairy is spreading glitter everywhere.

Childhood Memories ATC Swap

Here are two sets of Childhood Memory themed cards I made and sent out for a swap over at Swap-Bot. This swap idea sounded so challenging and exciting. I was asking myself: What colors are the colors of my childhood? What games, for example, were unique to just our family? I realized just making a Monopoly card was probably common to almost everyone our ages. However, when it came right down to the time to make the cards, I used themes that occurred to me as I was looking through old photos and the bits & pieces I had.

Here are the themes I chose:
Bedtime Prayer Time: It was a most comforting time to get prayed for, kissed, and tucked in by our precious Mommy.
Cookie Baking : We baked tons of cookies! Whenever I wanted to bake anything my mom always let me. Also, we had dessert EVERY DAY! Whew, those glorious childhood years!
First Day of School: This card shows my older sister and I entering 1st and 2nd grade, in a new school. Yes, that took a lot of courage!
Pen Pals: We moved a lot when I was a child, so I had lots of Pen pals from my old neighborhoods, and I also had many other Pen Pals whose names I got from children's magazines of those days.
Mother Reading: This card symbolizes my mom reading to us, then my vivid imagination off in my make-believe world, living in a castle or something!
Picking Wildflowers: I was fascinated by wildflowers as a child, and now, too! There were lots of empty lots, fields and forests in those days and lots of colorful wildflowers! Those pink and blue bachelor buttons were my favorites.

I thoroughly enjoyed the cards I've received on that theme, so far. I will post pictures of those when they all arrive. I tried scanning my cards for this post, and I can tell the picture quality isn't as nice as when I use my digital camera. But since my cards are all mailed off, I can't undo that!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Cars, Scrapbooks, Angel Hats, and Giveaways!!!

It's such fun to just stumble upon someone's blog giveaway contest! Like I did this morning at Deb's over at Say It With Letters. She has some very exciting "girlie" prizes, and I sure hope I win! Her sweet assortment of prizes would be exactly what I need right now! You see just last week my daughter, Erica (21), asked me to make her a scrapbook of her grade school years!!! She wants to design her older years, and her baby book is already completed. I just finished my son's two Creative Memory albums last night. Whew! It's about time - he just graduated from college! Those things are heavy now. I hope that's OK! I was looking through them last night, and just about started crying. Oh, how his precious childhood flew by!

Tomorrow I'll be getting my Art Doll Hat swap partner for Amy's swap (Crafting by Candlelight). I sure hope I can come up with something pretty for my partner! If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or has made one - I'd love to hear from you! This will be a fun challenge for me!

And soon I'll start my own Paper Bag Album for my swap partner! I enjoyed watching my daughter make hers, and can't wait to do mine! Picking the papers for each page will be so enjoyable! And it's sure "live-and-learn" at our house! Erica came out of her room the other night with this burnt piece of paper that had a song printed on it. She asked me, "How does Aunt Heidi burn the edges without torching it???" !!!!!!!! She'd been actually burning the edges with matches to antique her paper!!! Oh Dear!!! Well, that called for a quick trip to Michael's for some aging paint. My pride kept me from calling Heidi to ask what was the best paint for this. Yes, I thought it was paint! I looked high and low at Michael's, and even asked a salesperson for help. She couldn't find any either. I even broke down and asked another customer if she knew anything about aging paper, and she just shook her head no. Right before we left, I stumbled across some ink pads called Distress Ink by Jim Holtz in the stamping section. Oh brother, it was right smack in front of where that lady was looking! Anyway, now we can begin distressing paper. We all have to start our way on the art highway somewhere.

Lastly, we are in one of those major- minor crises at our house. The engine in our Nissan Altima died on busy Highway 17 last Friday night. The mechanic said the timing chain is tangle up in the valves, and the engine is shot. He worked all weekend installing a junk yard engine into it, and when he started it, it leaked oil all over. So we're car shopping! And that means for now I'm without a car, since Bruce needs to use my truck. The car pictures are of my 1967 Camaro, the last car I, alone, got to pick out and drive! Oh, the good ol' days! That was the last of my "cool rides"! Alas, off we go used car shopping

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Paper Bag Scrapbooks

Well, we sure have had a couple days of Scrapbooking around here! Heidi sent me a couple brown paper bag scrapbooks, and challenged me to make one! Well, my daughter saw the bags, and she immediately wanted to make one as a surprise for her boyfriend. What fun we've had together, shopping at Michael's for supplies and working on scrapbooks. I worked on some other scrapbooks, but helped cut some of the paper for Erica. She had some pictures of her and her boyfriend made up in sepia. I think they looked great with the colors she chose for her scrapbook! Check out Heidi's Flickr site soon, for some more paperback albums.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Interviews About Michael's

I thought I'd add a few more comments regarding Michael's again. After all, it's such a fun store and I bring them lots of money every time I go! So I really delved deeper into what my kids thought of it. I openly told Nathan his comments yesterday were pretty funny, and asked him what else he had to say about Michael's. He had about 4 more statements. "It's a lot of old stuff. It's like stuff from the '90s. It's all dusty. It's like looking through a junk drawer!" And that's about all he had to say about that!

So, I asked my daughter Erica what she thinks of Michael's, knowing full well she values it. Here's her comments: "It's just little stuff, little knick-knacks. And some of the stuff is expensive for what it is. Go once a week with the coupon, and be a smart shopper. And they could get more stuff for kids." (She's a teacher.)

So, between today and yesterday, that sums up what we think of our closest craft store!

Monday, July 9, 2007

I (mostly) Love Michael's!

This spring a brand new Michael's craft store opened up pretty close to where we live! Yay! Joy! I go there pretty frequently, depending on what's going on. I mostly love that store! It's chock full of wonderful crafting supplies, it's a place to get new ideas, and the best part is: Usually there's a 40% off coupon in the Sunday paper! And who doesn't love a bargain? Also, they accept other craft store coupons!!! They even ring me in 2 transactions if I want to use 2 coupons! This new store is directly under the landing flight path of our airport, so it frequently rocks and roars!

My very few complaints have to do with that music there. This is the truth, I swear. I usually hear the same song, every time I'm there! And that's so annoying, it's funny! Sometimes they don't play music. Last time I was there, was a no-music day. But I kept hearing these beats, or tones. I thought some employees somewhere had a radio on? I went back to look at the wonderful Clearance section, and the sounds got louder. I finally had to investigate, and went up and down a few aisles before I found it. Halloween stuff! Yup, you guessed it. July's a great time to display an entire Halloween village for sale, complete with a 3-toned spooky creepy sound which I could not get out of my head! Long (high) short- short (lower). I can still sing it. Oh, and frequently there's the loud sound of glass breaking somewhere.

Now for the funny stuff. My husband is often very funny, and speaks his share of wisecracks. I've begun to call them "Bruce-isms". He has some mighty strong feelings about Michael's. The past 2 times we've gone there, or should I say I go there and he waits somewhere for me, I've written down what he says, word-for-word. Actually, today I didn't need to write it down. I just needed several glues, and he was planning just to sit in the heat of the car and wait . I politely, "Are you sure you wouldn't like to come in where it's cool?" He quickly responded, "I would die." Later, after dinner I wanted more, so I questioned him further about how he feels about Michael's. Here's a big Bruceism mouthful: (and I do apologize for openly offending anyone) "Michael's is an irritating store, with No value. It's a woman's store, young, old, or middle aged women. Have you ever seen a male in there? It's very dangerous. No guy should ever be permitted in there, ever. It's no place for a man. I don't want to be spotted by another male there. They would turn me in." OK, you guys. You'd better be laughing!!! He's not artistic and has a big opinion about everything. I think it's funny!

In fact, last week while we were on the way to the shopping center, where I was going into Michael's and he into Trader Joe's he got to talking about Michael's. I quickly grabbed my paper and without him noticing, I began to take notes. I was laughing and laughing at what he was saying, all the way there. By the time we arrived my stomach just ached from all that laughter. He wasn't laughing, he was dead serious. Here's his opinion of Michael's. "It's a Pirara store." (I corrected him; he was trying to say piranha.) "It's a flesh-eating store. There's far too many little knick-knacks in there; things I don't like. I don't like looking at that stuff. It's a place where you lose your mind. It's a prison. That's true, right?" (he's absolutely dead serious while saying this, and I'm just cracking up royal! I can hardly type right now, thinking of him saying all this so openly!) He went on, "Do you ever see a male of the species in that store? NO - only if they're a 1st grade teacher..." and on! See what I have to live with?

Actually, I guess he must've gone with me a few times and I took too long? Or he got lost in there? I don't remember, but sounds like he's definately been in there!

After dinner tonight, I was wondering if this opinion is a father-son type thing, so I decided to ask my son what he thought of Michael's! Now, Nathan is rather artistic, and has taken several art courses at college. Here's his response, "Michael's? It has a lot of cheap stuff. Like 5 cent buttons or something, thread. Things there have very small packaging. They must have a lot of stolen stuff since they're so small. They probably mark up the stuff because of that." I think he'd go again! Good!

Well, just thought I'd share a corner of my life. My DH is great, and quite a talker. Sometimes his opinions are funny, sometimes maddening! Actually, one of my brothers once said he was the funniest person he knew!

Friday, July 6, 2007

And the WINNER is.....!!!!!

Happy Friday to you all!! Today I got to draw a winner for my paper flowers prize! My winner is: MARY ANN !!! Thank you all for visiting my blog and playing along. I have a couple wonderful new Blogs to go visit! You've got to check out Mary Ann's blog, and also her wonderful vintage and hand made items! Wow, how fun! Mary Ann, please contact me so I can get your address and mail your prize right away! (sjb2358@Hotmail.com)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July 2007!!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Hope you're all having a fun and safe holiday with family and friends. We got to display a brand new United States flag this morning, with brightly colored stars and stripes. Some stores were selling more of a maroon colored red, but we bought one "Made In America" that was a true red.

This is my little terrier mix, Ruffy! It's my day to show him off! He looks so cute in the patriotic hat! My favorite picture of all time of him, is the last one with his tennis ball. He was just looking at me so intently when I called his name and took his picture. I have that one on my computer desktop. After looking at it, I must say I see love in his eyes. We've owned him for three years but I've never said to the dog, "I love you." But I did this week, after really seeing in his eyes how he feels about me. (Tongue in cheek or not, it's still a cute picture!)

My prayers go up with millions others that God will protect our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and keep them out of harms way. They are so very brave and are doing all they can to bring peace. I'll keep praying for them all, and for America.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Collage for Erica

Here's the new collage I've been working on for my daughter. I posted several close-ups, too. Now she's the lucky owner of two of my collages - remember I made a "practice" collage for her before Jenny's "bits & pieces" collage swap? So, I'll shortly be hanging them both in her room. She loves Rachel Ashwell decorating touches, and I was really trying for a Shabby Chic look with this pink one. Not sure what it is, other than a collage! But, Erica loves it!

Once the holiday is over, there'll still be some excitement here in Blog Land! I'm waiting until Friday to draw my lucky winner for my give-away!
Happy 4th of July to everyone! Today we bought a new flag to replace our outdoor one, so it will fly proud and brightly colored tomorrow. We're really looking forward to a picnic, then watching fireworks at Central Park. Don't forget to secure all your pets! My little terrier mix, Ruffy, is just terrified of fireworks and runs under the bed or couch for the evening at the first whistle. We want to keep all our cats and dogs safe!