Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ruffy the Scruffy Terrier Rules the Roost

Here's Ruffy! Our 2 yr old terrier mix (Cairn and Yorkie). We've had him for 2 years now, and I can assure him this is his forever home, as we're hooked on him and all his cute antics! He's our little "Pound Puppy". Two year ago, on a wet Tuesday in February, he became famous in San Jose! He got his name and "mug" in the San Jose Mercury News! My arms showed, but they cut off my face in the picture featuring him! Why did they do that?

Here's how the article began...

While much of the state struggled through storms and heavy rain Monday, Ruffy the scruffy terrier had a field day at Watson Dog Park in San Jose.

It wouldn't have mattered to the mud-covered terrier mix if it had stormed -- as long as he still got to go out and play with his friends. But the humans at the park were delighted to feel sunshine for more than a few minutes.

"We were here yesterday and we had to give him a bath," said Sallie Barnes of Santa Clara as she and her husband, Bruce, watched Ruffy race for a tennis ball with his pal Daisy.

A severe storm had been predicted for the Santa Clara Valley, but "it's pretty much bypassing your area," said Diana Henderson, forecaster technician wall over the ...ith the Monterey Forecast Center of the National Weather Service. "We've got lightning and thunder storms...

Just wanted to remind everyone what a special and famous dog we have!!! Oh it's not that. It's all the fun Bruce and I have taking him for walks, to the doggy park, arguing over how deep under the covers he's allowed....("Just so he's not on the sheets!!" says Bruce)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How To NOT Impress Your Daughter's Boyfriend!!!

Every word of this entry, ashamedly, is true! Yup, it all happened. So here we go: How to NOT impress your daughter's boyfriend!

  1. Serve him a piece of cake with a Necco Conversation Heart on it that says "Go Home"!!! On Valentine's Day this year I made a cake to take to a women's meeting, and brought the leftovers home for Erica and her boyfriend. I served them each a piece and Collin kind of quietly announced what his candy said. I was so embarrassed!!! I'd just hurriedly thrown on the conversation hearts, and didn't even know there were some mean ones!
  2. Serve him a late-night sandwich on moldy bread!!! Yup, one evening he came over after working late without dinner, and actually took a bite out of that sandwich before noticing the mold! Yuck! We need brighter lights in our kitchen! Now, whenever he comes over to eat, Erica always says, "Mom, now lets make sure there's no hair or mold in the food." As if she'd actually have to say that!
  3. Burn the lasagna! Oh well, it was still good, even if the bottom layer was burned onto the pan.
  4. Burn the lamp! You got it, I was working especially hard not to have moldy food, burned food, you name it. And, Erica and I worked hard to make a yummy Chicken Tortilla casserole. I even put on a cloth tablecloth and candles, and lit them! But oh dear! My lamp shade caught on fire! It started dripping down these marble sized pieces of melt all over our table cloth as we were eating, YIKES!
  5. Laugh when he gets stuck in the bathroom! Oh, are we mean, or should I say giggly? Our bathroom door is old and doesn't lock. Well, we all know that. But if someone else locks it, you get locked in, and takes quite some racket to get out. And it's happened twice to Collin. What's really funny is what he says when he comes out!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Meet "Dottie" & "Dashele" - The Silly Cousins!

Introducing: "Dottie" and "Dashele"! The Silly Cousins! (AKA Dot and Dash ala Morse-code land!)
These little sweeties will soon occupy the bedroom and dorm room of university students and cousins! One will go to U.C Berkeley, into a charming Victorian sorority house, and the other into the bedroom of Erica, a San Jose State University student and my daughter!

When I showed Erica the first completed "Silly Girl" she exclaimed, "It's cute! But Mom, it needs a top!" So I arranged for her Silly, "Dashele", to wear a top. And when I told her I was making her cousin "C" one, she said she wanted the Silly with the tutu! She really like that outfit.

The pretty fabric for the clothes needs mentioning, since they were chosen by "C" for a huge fancy bulletin board covering in her dorm room. She bought enough for her roommate, too, who apparently had something else in mind! So, I got the chance to use a little of the pretty fabrics, and will surprise her with this little dolly wearing clothes made out of them! And it just may match her bulletin board!

These 2 little Silly Cousins feel right at ease next to books, notebooks, laptops, markers and everything else that may be found in a college girl's room, including possible coffee - since they smell like it! Have fun at college, little Dottie and Dashele.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

My "Silly Girl" Doll

Here she is!!!! My little "Silly Girl" doll! I made it myself! Yes, can you believe that? I also made her the French toilie purse! Heidi thinks I made this because she dared me!!!....the TRUTH is, once I read the instructions over, and saw I got to give this dolly a coffee bath!!! there was no turning back! I love to use natural food dyes on things! You can see the pretty tones in the different lighting.

She has a cousin on Heidi's site! And, she knows about this already since they were both baked together, but she has a sister who's going to debut in a day or two! Yes, this is very exciting. And I did take the dare Heidi gave me! Making her was fun, but at times quite comical. Once I even laughed out loud at myself! Could you believe it'd take not only a sewing machine to make here, but also a vacuum, a screwdriver, an oven, a pot of coffee and lots of stringy thread. All credit for this sweet project goes to the creator of the free pattern, Missy Ballance, of Little Missy Primitives. Thank you very much, Missy! And thank you Carla Dornacher for the darling purse pattern. (

Sewing something other than square pillows really felt good! Would anyone else accept my dare to make a little Silly Girl doll?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sweet Little Lost Kitty "Dash"

Here's another colorful living creature of February: This precious little lost kitty. Oh was she hungry! She showed up skinny and starving two nights ago, and has lived in our SUV ever since. (We have 2 cats, one quite mean, and a feisty little terrier so she couldn't come "in".) We took her to our vet, and they found she actually had an ID microchip, but there have been no return calls from the supposed owners. That chip gave us her original name, "Dash"! What an unusual name! I wonder how she got it? Did she like to dash around, or dash out? Do the stripes and dots on her pretty orange coat remind someone of dots and dashes? It takes about 24 hours to really bond and get attached to a sweet kitty such as this, and believe me, it happened to me. I thought maybe my parents would want her, since their dear, precious kitty, Dossie, died last fall. Sadly, my mom at first said no, and for some very valid reasons. So, I tearfully drove off to the Humane Society to drop her off. As I was turning into the street they're on, Erica called me and excitedly said, "MOM! I called Grandma back and she said they could take her! At least through the weekend! Make a U-turn and bring her home!" Oh, did that make me happy! So, she's bringing her over to her new home, even if it winds up just a temporary one, tonight! Dash'll be glad to get out of the truck and dash around a little, I'm sure. We have a newspaper ad, her description at the pound, the phone calls, and letter to the "chip" owner, so maybe she has her owner waiting for her somewhere? We'll see. But, look how sweet and peaceful she it, sleeping under the DASH board in our truck. Wait a little longer, dear one. A warm, loving home awaits you.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I kid you not, this thing was huge!! Yes, it's a great big spider under a glass, caught on our kitchen cabinet yesterday at 2 A.M. My husband put in under a glass, and put a big sign SPIDER next to it, and wanted it left for awhile to study, right on the kitchen counter! My daughter and I just couldn't stand it, and she begged me to get rid of it. So, I did! It was horrible!!! You should have heard the scream as I whacked it! This spider, probably a Wolf Spider but I'm not sure, was at least 3 inches big! The worst part is, we also had one in our bathroom and on our bedroom wall! Yes, all within 3 days. We've been invaded by these scary, huge things, and I'm not sure what it is or if they're poisonous. I've been seeing the pest guy's truck around town lately, and I imagine him dropping these off all over town, so they can reproduce and he can get business. I mean, really! How much can I take?

Outside Color in February

On a challenge from my sister, I searched my yard for the most colorful things in nature this morning. A winter storm is taking aim at us, and it's great to revel in the existing beauty to cheer me. These pictures are the most colorful items in my yard, but other things going on in our lives are "colorful" as well! Here's a lemon, safe so far from freezing temperatures! And my camilia bush is just loaded with dozens of buds, the most we've ever had. About 3 have opened, this one is actually a double flower. I love this color.

My Surprise! ***A Mary Engelbreit Bulletin Board!***

One day recently, Erica came home from work and excitedly said, "Mom, I have a big surprise for you!!! You'll never believe this, but I put up a MARY ENGELBREIT bulletin board at work!!!" She was just so happy and thrilled - because she knew I would be! She bought the "I Love Books" ME Bulletin Board Kit, with a cute boarder and about 15 of these cute pictures! She must love Mary Engelbreit, too! I just got the biggest kick out of how excited she was, telling me! And, it's cute!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! I got my inspiration for this post from my sister H. She loves pink, Valentine's Day, pictures, the previously loved...and buttons! This one's for you, H!!! And don't fall out of your chair when you see I've finally added a post! Well, there's something in the air today, and I just feel good! My DH gave me a very pretty, slightly pinkish pearl necklace and earring set! So lovely! I wore the set to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch today, for salads, soup, and muffins. I don't think I need anything to eat the rest of the day. Nevertheless, I'm nibbling on a fantastic pretzel, made by Erica, dipped in white chocolate and little pink hearts. What a fantastic treat! Her class made those for gifts to their parents. Also, at Erica's club they made "Candle Jackets", decorating a paper holder to go around a red pillar candle. They also had some Valentine's garland attached. This is ala Carla Dornacher, and her Christmas candle jacket idea. I've got to go find my sister R's web site now, and then my sister G's web site. Have a great day - eer couple weeks, ya'll! Love ya! Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Corn Cobb, Cotton Balls, and Water Bottle Lid: EYES!

Here's something to crack you up today! This is a picture of a project I helped a group of Pioneer Club girls make, to fulfill part of their "Artist" badge. These are self-image collages, made from empty milk gallon jugs and mounted on boxes. What I love most is their choice of EYES!!! The first one has some little dried corn husks, then just cotton balls, and then buttons inside water bottle lids. I just love it! I had a huge table-full of supplies and this is what they came up with! Oh the joys of working with kids. Now we'll finish the "Junk Art" project, then do a salt and watercolor painting. All for these sweet Future Artists of America!