Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I Was Tagged!!!

Oh dear! I've been "Tagged" by dear Miss Heidi, and now I have to "list 7 weird things about myself!!!" I came up with some ideas, but still I had to copy Heidi's example of asking others around here what they think! After all, that's the true picture, right? So, here's my list! It's supposed to make you laugh, cry, scrunch up your face in horror...

1. I've been told I smile too much! Not much I can do about that, since it's an emotion, isn't it?

2. I've been told numerous times, in a negative way, that I am too nice!!! Horrible, huh?

3. Now I'll shock you! I can't ride a bike!!!
4. I can't swim!!! All I can do is dog-paddle, just like my mom!

5. My toes curl under???

6. I laugh too much, and many times at inappropriate times and places!!! Church, the doctor's office, while singing in front of the church!!! Dinner...you get the picture!

7. Now, I asked Bruce (my husband) what he would say. Here's his answer: "I would NOT answer that!!!"

So, I asked Erica (my daughter) what she would say. She got a funny look on her face and reminded me how I "tend to talk about the grossest things while we eat! Medical things about people or animals, even with company present!"

8. I had to ask Nathan (my son), too, since he's so witty! He excitedly said, "Oh, I've got a good one! You wear my pajamas!!!"

9. For fun, I asked my daughter's (very helpful) boyfriend, Collin, what he would say. Oh was he ever helpful! But he very kindly said, "Oh, this is awkward." Then he gave his list:
a. "You're overly obsessed with crafts."
Collin: "let's see...what else..." Me: "I only needed 7!"
b. Collin: "You're super-nice to everyone." (He didn't realize that could also be a negative! (See above.)
c. Collin: "You watch the TV on your computer rather than on your big screen TV."

I had to stop him. I think he'd go on and on...He's just so helpful!

OK, there you go. Hope you like this list. And now who shall I tag? I don't know very many people with Blogs! Nevertheless, I hereby TAG: Roberta, Elizabeth, Erica, Collin!, Nathan, Thuy, and Sue! And, this tagging business is actually a DARE! Here's the rules: You write your list of 7 weird things about yourself, then go tag 7 more people! Have fun!

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*Heidi* said...

OH boy, Sallie! There's no doubt that we are sisters! Laughing at inappropriate times? Me. Being called "too nice"? Me. (Remember the time a lady friend of mine saw a few of us sisters together and said, "It's like being with the saccharine sisters!"?) Being overly obsessive with crafts? Me. Smiling maybe too much? Me? (A person at church just a couple weeks ago said if we could bottle my smile we'd make millions. I didn't know if that was a compliment or maybe a negative, like you said!) The clothes you wear to bed...are questionable? Me. LOL Thanks for the great & funny read today!