Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"You Spent All That Time on That???"

This is a direct quote from my Bruce, "You spent all that time on that???" UGH! However, he was right! I had a huge mess surrounding me, papers on the floor, and just a little 2.5" X 3.5" card to show for it! But what fun! Bruce understands hobbies, and has recently taken up a renewed interest in golf. And golf is time consuming, not much to show when you're done, AND expensive!

Here are some of my recent ATCs. The first four and last four cards were made with some of the Vintage supplies Heidi gave me for my birthday!

Some of the other cards will go to a partner for the "Found on a Walk" Swap. I found all those little felt circles while on a walk, the side jewels on that purple one, and of course the bird's egg. I'll show the rest of the cards in that category when I get closer to the due date for that swap. It's a great idea! I'm also pressing a few flowers for that theme.

So here you go! Here's how I've been having fun lately!


*Heidi* said...

LOL...Bruce always cracks me up royally! His pure honesty is so ... so... um, well, ... um. He's such a nice guy! Back to your ATCs. These are really neat! Your mixing of textures and laying is really showing up in your art! That robin's egg ATC is really a're going to trade it? I guess we have photos. We really should make some and keep them. But then they wouldn't be "trading" cards! What do you keep yours in now? We need to make some sweet little collaged boxes. On one of my rec'd tags the lady died her lace, maybe in tea? Then scrunched it up, it looked very vintage! It's fun to see some of what I gave you showing up, too! I can't figure out what "felt" circles you're referring to? I'll enlarge your pictures and look again!

*Heidi* said...

I've been studying all your ATCs! The shoe ones are great, did you make that pattern? It's a cleaver idea! And adding the sparkle dots for the clasp is smart! Then, as I looked closely at another, do I spy a page from a phone book? I thought of calling the ones I can read...LOL! Also, I think I have to tell you my favorite on eis the Birdy one! So sweet! Guess what? I made my first Esty sale today! I'm doing the happy dance! The sign, "Gone Junking" was the first to sell!

Sparky said...

Heidi, the shoe pattern came from this month's Paper Crafts magazine. I really liked it.I just have my cards in a shoe box! I'd like to upgrade that sometime! Congratulations on your 1st Esty sale today! Sallie