Monday, April 30, 2007

My VERY Happy Birthday

I love April, my birthday month...This April, early in the month, Erica asked me if I'd seen what was in the candy dish on the mantle. It was Orange Slices!!! My favorite! She told me if I only ate 3 a day I'd have enough for the whole month! Instead, the dish was empty in about 3 days! YUM! For my actual birthday, the 27th, Erica sweetly got off work early to spend some time with me. She fixed me this fabulous strawberry layered cake! Bruce said it was the best cake he's ever eaten! She also gave me a manicure and pedicure, and arranged for our party of 8 to have dinner at the fun Boca di Beppo! After dinner, I got to open my lovely gifts! I was so curious as to what Heidi had sent me, since she'd given me some hints on her Blog. I was just speechless when I opened her carefully wrapped Hanging Birthday Cake card! It was me at age 5, all adorned on this gorgeous Birthday Cake themed altered art card. It's an amazing piece of art I just love!!!! Then I opened the other part of her gift...The Vintage Sewing Basket full of Vintage craft supplies!!!! First I pulled out the absolutely adorable letter "S", 8 inches tall and full of charm for me. I love the sweet Scottie Dog, and the pie recipes, buttons and beads, and complete with a sweet little bird perched on top! Just amazing! All the items in the basket were just too good (read authentic collectible quality Vintage). I could only gasp. Erica was with me while I opened it, since Heidi warned me it was "private". I didn't know what she meant? Underwear? A spa package? Unfortunately, Bruce walked in on us opening it, and said, "She sent you junk?" That's what Heidi meant about private. Only my private eyes and heart could fully understand the enormous value of this very special and thoughtful gift. Oh I just love it Heidi! Thank you very, very much! I stayed up til 2AM looking over every very special button, and each piece of ribbon, and all the Vintage sheet music, French words and books, and the precious little Audobon bird and nature book. Just amazing. I soon used some of the items for these 5 ATCs. They may or may not be done...Not Sure! I read somewhere that the main error Newbie ATC-ers make is adding too much to their cards! I just had to show this gift since it was so very unusual. I did it at the risk of leaving out other very thoughtful gift and card givers. I loved each loving email, phone call, card, gift, thought and prayer from all my loving friends and family. I had tears of emotion from several of your thoughtful items.

Love and Blessings to all,
Sallie (Now 1 year older, and after 3 cakes...several pounds heavier! But happy!)

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*Heidi* said...

What a yummy looking cake! I love the dish it's presented on, too! Erica, can you make one when I'm around next time? Sallie, I'm so glad you had a nice birthday! And, I'm glad you liked all the vintage junk, it was fun to put together! Happy May Day!!