Tuesday, August 14, 2007

8 Random Things About Me

I have accepted the dare. Here are 8 random things about me! Please laugh!

1. Last year I went to 4 different interviews wearing 4 (four!) pairs of socks so that my too-big shoes would stay on! I was also wearing 2 different kinds of shoe pads. Those shoes were too big!

2. I once made a lovely white sauce for some tuna noodle casserole for my family, AND accidentally added CAT tuna to it! I think we had to make a Taco-Bell run that night! I never was that great of a cook, but oh my!

3. A few years ago I won 3rd place at the Santa Clara County Fair in the Licorice Eating Contest! I have the ribbon, to prove it. Should I have to apologize for the fact that I love licorice? Ha!

4. Speaking of the fair, this year, while enjoying the animals, I noticed a big turkey was out of water and was pathetically pecking at his water dish. So I shared some of my bottled water with it. Later, I forgot about that and drank out of the same bottle! I'm still here, amazingly.

5. Did you know if you overcook popcorn in your microwave it'll turn into a big black brick? And smell the house horrible? Did I mention I'm not the greatest cook?

6. Oh yeah. One of the first times my daughter's boyfriend was over I had a dramatic accident. I asked him if he'd like some M&Ms, hurriedly crossed the room with a big bowl of M&Ms and tripped right as I got to him!!! Oh Dear! You guessed it, M&Ms were strewn all over the living room! What was really funny though, was the little throaty sounds he was making while helping me pick them all up but trying not to laugh at me! Guess that broke the ice between us!

7. I am the second-to-oldest of 9 children! I'll always be a "big kid". And from about Heidi on down ( number #5), will ALWAYS be "little kids"! Sometimes I give her little challenges to see if she qualifies for "big kid" status, but she still teeters right on that line.

8. Back in 1970 there was a chocolate diet aide, appetite supressing candy sold called "Aides". Once when I thought I was overweight, I bought a box of Aids - and ate the WHOLE box that night! It didn't help at all!

And if you're still not laughing, here's something I recently read in Reader's Digest, and certainly wholeheartedly agree with: "Why is it that babies are nauseated by a clean shirt?"


*Heidi* said...

LOL, I love your TUNA picture...for CATS!!! You and I sure know how to play! I can't believe they actually make "TUNA FOR CATS"...that would confuse some little ol' ladies... LOL

I hope you have found shoes that fit by now...otherwise on your next interview you might trip and fall!

I love licorice...I'm not sure I would have entered that contest...maybe WE can have a contest??? LOL

So, you can say you've shared a drink with a turkey in your lifetime...

You ARE the best cook around! Your food is delightful...always prepared masterfully and loaded with love!

Did that boyfriend eat the M&M's off the ground? LOL He's very kind.

I am the biggest kid of the little kids, so THAT MAKES ME A BIG KID! AND TO PROVE IT: I know where the yellow Tupperware cup had been! LOL

I remember I had two big sisters who ate those chocolate diet candies...YOU and Kathy!!! LOL

Anonymous said...


Hey, I want to be in a licorice eating contest, too!!

Hope you are doing well, Sallie....enjoy the last few days of summer!

Love, #8, youngest sister in NC :)

e. beck said...

we are certainly kindred spirits because i, too, have made a popcorn brick .... more than one in fact .....
i laughed out loud at your tuna story ....blech!!!