Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jammin' It Up

Yesterday was such an exciting day! My darling niece, Jessica, and her boyfriend, Jordan, dropped by for lunch and a visit! They are in town just for 2 days, down from Oregon. The main purpose of their trip was to go to the San Francisco Giant's game last night! (Jordan is a semi-pro pitcher.) My daughter and her boyfriend went too; and somehow, with all the bidding for tickets going on at ebay - a couple were left over, so Bruce and I got to go, too!!! We had a blast riding the train up, then enjoying the beautiful stadium on a mild SF summer evening. (It doesn't matter who won, does it?)

While at my house Jessica proudly handed me the loving gifts from her mom! Heidi sent me this precious jar of raspberry jam she made from raspberries she grows! I can't believe it! All that talk all summer of her and her strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, probably blueberries too, and now I get to enjoy a jar of it! I hereby publicly thank you, Heidi, for the dear and treasured gift, so beautifully wrapped! I love your flower daisies and ribbon! I've spent much time moaning with envy, while I admire your luscious batches of berry jam, and now I get to savor one! Also, thank you for the big packet of vintage wallpaper, straight from Oregon! I will enjoy using the 3 pretty samples you sent down!

Well, we don't have berries in our yard, but we do have peaches! (Actually they could be nectarines.) Here's a sample of my second batch of jam I made this week! I just love the pretty peach color! My daughter made peach cobbler last Friday, and there isn't a more delicious dessert anywhere than warm peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream! Yum!

You may have seem my attempt at fabric yo-yo pillows in previous posts. Well, here's something new: Fabric HEART yo-yos! Something different to try! (Tutorial here.) I will certainly try this new shape! It's cool to be doing these projects that were done in the 1930s depression era: fabric yo-yos and making plenty of jam!

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Heidi ( said...

Your peach jam looks perfect! I love the coloring! It's exactly what I imagined you were doing there in your sweet kitchen! Glad you liked the things I sent down! Thank you for all your love and attention you're giving Jessica! (Thank Erica, too!)

If you want any more of that vintage wallpaper just ask me and I'll mail down some more!