Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday Goodies

Here's several pictures of my brown PaperBag Album for my Swap-Bot partner, Barb! I hope she likes my chosen theme of Summer. Starting with Heidi buying her 500 paper bags to researching the best glue to use, I've gone down quite an art learning highway with this project. I've made 2 practice albums before doing this swap one. These are such fun to make, and this one's in the mail right now, heading to Albuquerque.

Yesterday my wonderful and sweet sister, "Sunshine", gave me a very special bag of goodies! First, was a package of Joes Oh's cookies to enjoy, then came out the most wonderful package! She'd recently gone to the fabric store, and shared the wealth with me! She cut and folded a whole bunch of pretty and fresh fabric for me, and topped in off with several yards of gorgeous ribbons! She wanted me to make ATC and other things with it, but what I'm doing first is making HER a little surprise with some of it! I've started something, not sure what it'll end up, but it's started!!!!

And, my other dear and special sister, "Cookie", (note: these sisters named themselves!!!) and I are doing a 1-on-1 art challenge called, "Make Me Something". At the same time, we both sent each other an envelope filled with paper and art making goodies. The challenge is to make the other person something with their goodies and send it back! She sent me such wonderful items to choose from, that I had something made the first night. There will be absolutely NO hints until she gets it back, however. Just stay tuned!

Well, other Sparks in my Engine today included cashing in on a couple of FREE coupons for lunch at Wahoo, and a Buy-1-Get-1-Free coupon for Starbucks!


Malady said...

The cover is so cute! you are really good at those bits and pieces collages! (I should know!)

*Heidi* said...

I agree with Malady! Your "Bits and Pieces" collage on the cover of your bag-scrapbook is so cute! I love all the pages!

How fun for you to now get to make something for "Sunshine" with that pile of beautiful fabric! Just one question: Did you get your sewing machine out?

Also, I need a few more days for our one-on-one swap... Can you wait?? And, this is not like are showing NO clues for what you made me??? How can that be?????