Friday, August 3, 2007

Amazing Art Doll Hat Received

She's here!!!! Meet my gorgeous Art Fairy Doll Hat from Cheryl (Artsy-Fartsy) l!!!!! Amy (Crafting by Candlelight) hosted such a fun and different Swap, the Art Doll Swap! I learned a lot, like I always do in swaps.

This week my doorbell rang, my dog barked, and when I answered it, I saw the most unusual yellow shaped box. I knew right away what it was, and who it was fun. I ran and grabbed my camera and the opening began! Cheryl not only wrapped it in a fun way, she designed and crafted the hat box to mail it in! This box is made from very sturdy cardboard, and beautifully covered with vintage Sear's, Roebuck and Co antique catalog pages!!! On the top are the hats! You could have ordered a "Dandy Hat" for your daughter for 24 cents; or a designer hat for yourself, custom made, for 99 cents! Oh, go ahead and order your husband some new wagon wheels....!!!! Once I got past the shock of how creative, kind, ambitious, and talented Cheryl is, I pulled out her beautiful art doll!!!I love her!!! Don't the pretty pink petals make a dramatic skirt? And I love the yellow roses! The petals are lined with fiberfill to keep they puffed up. The doll itself is lined in vintage sheet music, as is the sweet Sallie tag she made me! I was just overwhelmed with admiration and appreciation. This lovely doll has 2 sides, a very womanly shape, and beautiful sheer butterfly wings. Thank you so very much, Cheryl!!!! You are quite an amazing and talented person.

Here's a link to the original instructions for the Doll Hats. And here's the link to the Art Doll Hats Flickr group, where many participants in the swap posted their glorious pictures!


*Heidi* said...

What a lovely art doll hat! With filled petals for her skirt and all! Plus, your bonus Sears box, maybe you'll use to store art supplies in now? Cheryl is loads of fun, she was my swap partner for a Garden Swap earlier this summer!

I'm working on our "one on one Make Me Something" swap! I sure hope you like what I'm making for you, from all YOUR STUFF! I may need a few more days!

paru's_circle said...

awesome doll!!!
where can one learn how to make them?

Sallie - AKA *Sparky* said...

Hi to "Paru's circle"! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll put some links in my blog for you. Sallie