Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Girl at the Lake

"Sallie at the lake at age 5"

Hi! Here I am as a very happy kid! When we lived in Spokane, Washington, we had kind of a family pact: If it got over 100 degrees, we got to go to the Lake! Probably Loon Lake, or Silver Lake...I can't remember any others. But my parents were game for the lake. I was totally afraid of the water, actually, and feared drowning! That's why I don't think I'm really wet! Can you see my brave sister, Sue at age 6? Venturing deeper into the lovely lake than I!

Me at age 5. Let's see...out of us 9 kids there were already 5 of us! Just KNOW we had fun, every day in our family. But the lake days were just the ultimate in fun. Not as wonderful as going to Grandma's house, mind you, but they were pretty special.

Well, thus concludes my very first blog! I don't know what I'm doing HA- but one of my sisters recently challenged me to begin a blog!

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Heidi said...

Oh, I *LOVE* this picture! What a precious little girl, holding her sandpails. I think she's holding her sister's pail for her! Thank you for sharing this photo...it's priceless!