Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kid's Art Projects

My daughter has a job as a teacher in an after school care YMCA program for Kindergarten to 2nd graders. As part of her job, she does a special art club with a group of them, once a week, and sometimes asks me for help! Does she know what a treat this is for me? One night in December, right before her college finals, she handed me an envelope of money and asked me to come up with a nice craft for her art club. Wow, did that make me smile! I said, "Erica, I just can't take the joy of this away from you", and to that she answered, "Mom, I've got finals coming up and there's no way I can plan an art project and go shop for it." I was so happy for this excuse to go to Michael's Craft Store and hunt around. I came up with using Snow Tex, pine cones, and Styrofoam balls! She reported back that the kids just loved making their outdoor snow scenes!

Today, she ran out the door quite early for work and suddenly turned and asked me, "Mom, I'm going to the craft store to get a project for my art club. Can you call me in a few minutes with an idea?" I hunted for the weekly ad, and then called her back with my "marvelous project" of painting small baskets (on sale) and painting then gluing on different little wooden shapes (on sale 3/$1). She sounded just horrified on the phone, and told me "MOM!!! That's the worst project I've ever heard of! I'll just find one myself!" Thus, I passed the mantle on to her, and gave her confidence in her own choices! Oh, she bought fun-foam frames and shapes for them, which I'm sure they loved.

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Heidi said...

What a sweet story! You've brought up your daughter well, and now get to see her in action with what she's learned from you! Now, for you to have some fun...what will you *make* next? :)