Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our 28th Wedding Anniversary January 2007

Toby, and Anniversary (almost a dozen!) Roses
Wow, we sure had a marvelous wedding anniversary this year! Here's a picture of Bruce and I, with the vase of lovely roses he gave me! Also, I'd like to introduce my cat, Toby, who's also posing by the vase of roses. I don't know the significance of getting 11 roses? Was it supposed to be a dozen? Oh well! We enjoyed eating out, and then going to Albertson's and gathering some junk food to watch DVDs by.

New Picture or is it a Window?
Here's a picture of our new....window? Or is it a picture? Let's just say I wish it were really a window! Then that's mean we live on the beach! Oh well, I my aging neighborhood is so lovely, with lots of trees, dogs, roses, and friendly people. I bought this lovely picture with some money we got for our anniversary! I'll keep it forever! The only problem is, I can't decide where to put it! It looks super in every room of our house! After all, who couldn't use another window?

And even MORE anniversary celebrating!
Bruce and I got to go to Napa for a 3 day/2 night stay at the Meritage Resort and Spa!!! Way cool! We got the stay for "free" for visiting a time-share presentation last October. We had a marvelous, pampered time! We enjoyed our 3 hour train ride there, having a gourmet lunch of beef tenderloin (me) and duck (for Bruce). And , for a long lasting souvenir, I also got a haircut.

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