Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2nd Place Prizes for Spring Contest, and ATCs

Oh boy are contests fun! Here's the 2nd place prizes for my Spring Contest! The winners in my contests showed such enthusiasm and excitement! Congratulations to Roberta (1st place) and Lorraine (2nd place)!!! You made this contest so much fun!

Tomorrow is the big day, when many other Spring Contest winner's names will be announced, all over the world. Wow, that's just so cool! I sure enjoyed trekking around Blogland, and meeting so many talented and inspirational people out there! I kept seeing and reading about ATCs, so I did some research to find out what they were! Here's a cool primer and idea bank for Artist Trading Cards (ATCs). Of course, this intriqued me, as it will you when you read about this cool way to express yourself. Many of you already knew what this was, but I sure didn't! So I had to try a few for myself! Here's my first 3, and what fun!

Here's the extent of my only school art class: In 4th grade we had art class. The first major project we did was "sewing on burlap". I was so happy to be sewing with colorful yarn! I really focused and did the best I could. But then, tragedy struck. I startle, stood up and realized I'd sewn my burlap right to my skirt!!! I started talking louder than I was supposed to to my friend, and then Mrs. Kennedy called me up to her desk! I thought she'd understand once she saw my piece of burlap sewn to my skirt, but instead, "Sallie, take that burlap off your skirt and bring it to me. Then put your head down for the rest of the hour." Oh, I was so sad and humiliated! And that awful teacher gave me a "C" in art on my report card. I was supposed to be getting A's! From then all, I considered myself a terrible artist. I could only draw in stick figures for years after that. So you see, if I ever make or do anything it's a big deal - it really doesn't come easy. I have at least 2 very artistic sisters, and 1 artist brother, so I know it's in the gene pool, somewhere. That brings me to this, that if anyone new to ATCs wants to trade with me, just let me know! And good luck to everyone on the Spring Contest draws tomorrow!

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Heidi said...

Wow, ATC trade? I've never made one, but am also intrigued by the idea! I'd love to trade...blog the details!

PS I think you have a piece of burlap sewn to your backside...