Saturday, March 17, 2007

Here's Ruffy on St. Patrick's Day at the Dog Park!

Here's the promised pictures of Ruffy at the little doggy park in Santa Clara, CA on St. Patrick's Day.
Do you know how difficult it is to photograph moving little doggies? Yes, this is the best I could do! Ruffy loves the little doggy park, and so so I. We both meet such interesting dogs and people! A couple there today had a sweet white dog they'd adopted from an organization called AHAN (Asians for Humans, Animals, and Nature). What an amazing story they told of the abuse their dog suffered in Taiwan, then her being flown to S.F., to AHAN, and their adopting her. If you love cats and dogs, please check out this site. Don't miss the "Rescue Stories" and the "Animal Issues" sections. It is a real emotionally charged rescue organization. They fly the dogs in from Taiwan to find homes here. The wife of the man I was speaking with just loved my dog Ruffy so much! She was speaking only in sign language to her husband, but I kept seeing her sign "love" one of the only words I know in sign language! It was sweet to meet them. There are many other tales from past visits there....Just last week I met a lady about my age who rescued (and kept) a little dog while he was running on a freeway! She said she didn't even think. She saw this little dog and just stopped and ran out to get him! Read my lips: Don't ever do this! It's extremely dangerous!!! She loves this little dog, whose life she saved, but realized soon after how dangerous it was. P.S. Um, does anybody know how to turn off this underline??? Thanks!


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