Monday, March 5, 2007

Santa Cruz Wharf Surprises

What an interesting evening Bruce and I had at the Santa Cruz wharf on Saturday. We love to drive over to Santa Cruz and enjoy our usual routine: Minestrone soup and sourdough bread at Gilda's, watching sea lions under and around the wharf, candy and coffee-tea-rootbeer. But on Saturday, after our soup, we noticed quite a crowd on one side of the pier. We were told a whale had just come up to the wharf and had been seen again just on the other side! The ocean was smooth that night, and the whale was spotted in the waters just behind us in the picture! We looked and looked, and I took several pictures hoping maybe the whale would surface as I took the shot. But we didn't see it. We bought our candy and drinks, then as we were loading up in the car I noticed the gorgeous red moon on the other side of the wharf. I took several pictures, but didn't realize I'd seen a lunar eclipse until we got home that night. (My picture is terrible, but just use your imagination and try to picture this unusual full moon, reflecting on the glass smooth ocean that night. What a site!) The usual sea breeze was still, and it was mild and warm that night, so very pleasant. Bruce wants to go back tonight!

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Heidi said...

Wow, how fun to go to the beach! We live so close and never go! I love your picture of the moon! Did you go back last night? Probably not, 24 was on! Be sure to go sign up for the Vintage Kitchen Swap at Jenny's! I know you'd have fun participating!