Sunday, March 4, 2007

Roses from a Birthday Past

Ah! Roses, roses, roses...Here's a picture I'm so thankful I took. It brings back memories of my last birthday, made ever so special by the surprise of this gorgeous rose bouquet being delivered right to my door. It was sent to me by my sister Roberta, from North Carolina. (Are we supposed to use real names here?) The presence of the roses just set the mood for the day, making me smile and smile. I'd seen the ad for this very bouquet in a magazine at the gym, and remember looking and looking at it - probably for about 10 minutes, while on a piece of exercise equipment. It really helped the time go by, to daydream about these beautiful colors. All of a sudden, this vase of rose graced my house for real. Um...Roses, birthdays, smiles, sisters.

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Heidi said...

Beautiful! Roses galore!