Saturday, March 31, 2007

Flower ATCs

I'm really in a good mood right now. Bruce and I went to Santa Cruz tonight, just to watch the sunset over a bowl of minestrone. It was relaxing and pretty, but spoiled by the fact that I'd lost my contact in the car while we were parking! Oh dear! I'd figured it was gone forever, after a thorough search in the parking lot. However, so fortunately, once we got home I dumped my purse out on a white sheet and VOILA! There is was! The last place I could look! So I'm happy.

I've signed up for a couple more swaps! One, is an ATC swap with the theme of "Flowers". I hope someone likes what they're getting from me! Also, I got my Vintage Kitchen Swap items in the mail yesterday! I love what I got and call it a "Grandma's kitchen" theme. Who wants a picture of what I got? Who wants to see what I sent? Let me know! It was a super fun swap! I loved hunting vintage-retro-antique items. Wow, I really got carried away! Twice I went shopping while Bruce was golfing, so I really considered it my recreational shopping time!


Anonymous said...

Glad you found your contact, Sallie! Your trip to Santa Cruz sounded lovely. Happy April Fool's Day! Love, Roberta :)

Heidi said...

I love your flower ATC! Post a link to that swap! Glad you found your contact lense!

e. beck said...

your flower atc's are great....i especially love the one on the left........gorgeous! ...... do you have a link to the flower swap?