Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Last Day of March!

I can't believe March is over! That means tomorrow is April Fool's Day, and the start of April, always my favorite since it's my birthday month! I spent about 4 weeks during March, leisurely assembling this cross mosaic. I really took my time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew when it was over, that'd be it! Stone by stone I placed the tiny tiles, cutting them when necessary. This was the most satisfying project! You get to ooze the cement between the spaces and it turns out so perfect, filling in any gaps. My Oregon sister Sue gave me this great kit as a gift! I just treasure it. How fitting to complete the cross so close to Easter.

March brought a surprise visit from my Oregon sister Heidi and her daughter! We were able to exchange our first ATCs in person! Heidi made me into a butterfly - I'm glad I'm finally out of my cocoon! "Touch the Light" and "L'Elegante" will be treasured trades from Heidi. My face is the butterfly on the ATC cleverly made from a corner of a Scrabble board. What a treasure!

I received a surprise "Welcome to Spring" gift this week from my N.C. sister Roberta! How exciting! I LOVE the colorful dragonfly, flower and stone sun catcher! It's just gorgeous! Dragonflies always remind me of Roberta, since she has a beautiful dragonfly pin I love to see her wear. This sun catcher just screams Spring Is Here! What sweet sisters I have!

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Heidi said...

What a beautiful sun catcher! Sping! Yipee! And, now today, Happy Birthday Month to You!!! It was fun to swap in person, sorry I have incorrect ATC card sizes! I think I have it now!