Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April Birthday Girl!

Here's a sweet little April birthday girl, from awhile back... I'm trying to imitate Heidi's site, but I don't have the precious full-color pictures she does! So, this is my version! This little girl has 5 candles on her cake, too, just like Heidi's girl! Happy Birthday to all the April birthdays out there! (Mine included! April is a great month to have a birthday - it's usually so beautiful most of the month.)

Here are the actual ATCs I sent off to my 2 swap partners yesterday! One lady liked sheep, so I gave her 4 little lamb stickers on cards, and stuck them in ribbon so she can remove them. She also loves Vintage, so I made a Vintage look card. The other lady liked "ugly art" and neon green, so I tried to make one card my ugliest art ever! It's a parody of the George Washington stamp, I don't know if it has any merit or not. That's why I sent this lady, who also likes sunflowers and patches, 3 cards instead of 2! I also made her a neon green felt case to hold the cards. Hope my swap partners like their cards!


Heidi said...

Sallie, I love your cute little cake pictures!!!!!!!!!! Cake for all! Let's keep celebrating! You're lucky your birthday is at the end of the month, you get to celebrate all month long!!!

Your ATC's are great. I'm looking closely at your new techniques. Love the lamb stickers as usable art! Love the date stamp on George. Oh, man, is this fun or what???

*Heidi* said...

Happy Birthday WEEK, Sallie!!!!

Let's kick up our heels and celebrate!!