Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Fun is in the Trade! Some more ATCs

Here's another several ATCs! This is just the greatest fun for me! They don't take too long, and the result is a little piece of very satisfying art. And the fun is in the trade! Look at the very lovely and fancy 2 Heidi sent me "Rose" and "Fleur". These are made from a cut-up Scrabble board! Amazing! What fun to exchange these! Just like my son and daughter used to trade stickers, POGS, and baseball cards. Thank you, Heidi, for your lovely cards! I got brave and signed up for a New-bie ATC swap, so I have to make 4 more cards by the end of the month. For a great time, go to and join in.

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Heidi said...

Sorry, I posted this comment on the wrong spot! Here is is:
Sallie, I'm having fun figuring out how you made these various ATC's! Some really cool things! Did you use felt for the back of one?