Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter 2007

I just LOVE the Mary Engelbreit tear-off calendar Easter picture this year! Isn't she carrying the sweetest things? I had to post it here to forever save this one.

I finished my purse "party favors" for our church Women's Meeting tomorrow night. I got this purse pattern a few months ago from the Karla Dornacher web site. I had ribbons to match each color card stock, then decided I liked the gold chain-look better. I especially like the sound of the chain dangling on the purse - almost real! I hope all the ladies like what I filled the purses with. The picture shows what is in each purse. This will all be a surprise! I am also planning to lead several "purse themed" games with the ladies. Most know about the traditional purse search games, but have you ever heard about a team purse scavenger hunt? I hope they like the purses and the games! Here's the site where I get a lot of my games and ideas, the Creative Ladies Ministry site by Julia Bettencourt.

We had a lovely and meaningful Easter, and enjoyed several little outings over the weekend. We're making good use of our rental car, necessary while Erica's car is being repaired after her small wreck. Bruce and I drove to San Francisco Saturday, and enjoyed the new art museum at Golden Gate Park, Ghirardelli Square and the wharf, and lunch at Mel's diner! Then, today we took a quick over to Santa Cruz, just for a bowl of minestrone soup, a little taffy, and some sight seeing. Fun!


Heidi said...

Wow, Sallie! Those purses are darling!!! And I love what you've filled them with! That Tazo Calm tea is my favorite! Your ladies group is so lucky to have YOU as the creative director! Wish I could be there tonight. Our Ladies Retreat is next month, I may use this purse idea for favors! Love the ME little Easter girl, too!

e. beck said...

i love those purses...very cool....i'm going to go figure out how to make one!