Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Do Something Creative Every Day!

Awhile back I participated in the "Bits & Pieces Collage Swap". After looking at other completed collages, I noticed many had used these quaint and tiny millinery flowers. I hunted and hunted online for these little charming darlings on eBay, Etsy, and even Michael's but fruitlessly. Finally, after admiring some wonderfully creative collages made by Amy Elise, I got really brave and asked her where she got her lovely little flowers? She responded in the most surprising way! She said she got hers at a store in the swanky Santana Row, in San Jose! This is within walking distance from our house!!! I go there, mostly just to eat, but I do go there and had never seen this store before! And Amy Elise lives in Utah!!!! I just think this is so ironic, that someone in Utah would have to point out to me a lovely little shop just a few blocks from where I live! But I am ever so grateful to you Amy!!! Thank you, my blogging friend.

I showed some pictures of the store, Paper Source, and some of the flowers and paper I bought last night. I first went a few weeks ago and have enjoyed using the cute supplies for my crafting. They also have an online site here . Most of all, don't you just love the Paper Source's motto??? "Do Something Creative Every Day". This is plastered on their window, and on their brochures! But guess what? It's true! That's a great way to bring sunlight and a spark of happiness to your day! Whether it's as small as decorating your store list, or swirling whipped cream on a pie, or an actual bona-fide craft project, it'll make you smile to do something creative every day!


Heidi ( said...

Wow! You mean this store was 5 minutes from your house and you didn't take me there? Next time I come, for sure, okay? How cool you took photos of the store, my heart was skipping beats as I looked through your pictures!

Good job, ASA (Adopted-Sister-Amy) for showing Sallie something right in her own back yard! That's so funny!

Malady said...

I have been to the one in Berkeley and just loved it! Wish there was one closer to me!


Malady said...

I forgot to ask...are you going to Art*Play in San Jose this weekend by any chance? I'm gonna be there!


e. beck said...

yoinks! that store is GORGEOUS ..... you are SO lucky to have it so close!!

deb said...

I adore Paper Source! The closest one to us is in Boston which is about an hour away but I never really get a chance to go. Your little bits and pieces collage is fabulous! What a fun idea!