Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Favorite Things!

This picture is one of my all-time favorites of my kids. 18 years ago. It's FALL and Nathan's going back to school, and Erica is happy to walk him home from school. I see his soccer shirt, the trees turning colors, and long shadows: sure signs of Fall! Here's my response to the Favorite Things Challenge on Heidi's site!

Sound – 1. Silence 2. Purring 3. Mail man leaving lots for me!

Late Night Snack – Ice cream!!! (Any flavor and in any form that someone here buys is great!) I'm eating Heath Bar Crunch Poppers right now! Yum!

Smell – 1.Clean-like dishes being washed or shampoo 2. The forest 3. The beach

Color Combination – 1. Pink and beige 2. Red and yellow

Nut – Trail Mix! (With plenty of M&Ms in it!)

Time of Year – Fall

Books – Fiction. My favorites include Robert Ludlum (The Borne Identity)

Female Actress – Meryl Streep?

Flower – 1. Sunflower 2. Daisy 3. Calla Lily

Vacation Spot – My own backyard! (OK, OK give me a travel brochure - I'm very easy to please!)

Pizza – Just cheese on it - no sauce (Is that focaccia bread?)

Subject in School – Nutrition ( and lunch!)

TV Channel – Depends on what I'm watching!

Radio Station – (No favorites: Contemporary Christian or oldies rock)

Holiday – 1. Christmas!!!

2. Thanksgiving 3. Mother's Day! (Am I allowed to say that?)

Perfume – I don't own a drop! Years ago, I loved Jasmine flower; also Firefox; and sometimes Youth Dew - til I realized my DH's grandmother wore it! Now, I just don't care for perfume and it sometimes gives me a headache.

Shoes – flip-flops!

Candy – 1. My own Almond Roca! 2nd place: Reece's Peanut Butter Cups

City to Shop – Home Sweet Home so I know all the secrets.

Beauty Products – I really need help, here!

Item to Shop For – Craft supplies, home decorative items, tops

I'll repeat what Heidi said: I’m not tagging any one by name, but just anyone who read this who wants to play!


Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

You said: Subject in School – Nutrition ( and lunch!)

LOL, that sure made me laugh! And, someday, closer to Christmas maybe, you MUST share your secret Almond Roca recipe! I remember the year you were perfecting it, luckily you were here for a portion of that research!!!!!! YUM!

e. beck said...

i love that picture of your kids ......
somehow i got behind in reading your blog.... but i'm all caught up again now!