Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Remakings on my Collange and Received Paper Bag ATCs

Here are the 3 ATCs I received from my latest swap. (Don't you just love Swap-Bot?) The challenge was to use a brown paper bag in making the cards. I love the Fall card Sue Young crafted! And the hearts and stamps designed cards, made by Sarah Spooner, sure work for me! These are some of the nicest cards I have in my collection.

This past weekend was quite exciting for our household. On Saturday morning, my DH and I took our little terrier mix, Ruffy, to the San Jose "Bark In The Park"! There were about 10,000 people there, and 3,000 dogs! There were all sorts of dog related vendors there, handing out plenty of free samples. There were various dog activities, dog tricks, a dog agility course, dog wading pools, food for all, contests - including a pet/owner look-alike contest (my DH and Ruffy entered this contest last year!!!), everything just dog, dog, dog! The talented daughter of a family friend, Stephanie Lam, had a free pet portrait drawing in her booth. Yeah, a drawing - just like we do online!

Next, we quickly dropped off the tired pooch and headed up to Berkeley to watch the Cal Bears beat LA State 45 to 15. What an exciting stadium full of fans! 58,000 roaring, cheering fans! Afterwards, we got to go out to eat with one of my dear nieces who is a senior at Berkeley. One of my sisters, an alumni, sent us a couple free tickets and boy did we appreciate that!

On Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed the hometown feel of our Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival. We always run into people we know there! It truly marks the end of the summer, and is a tradition for us.

So...Art wise??? I redid some squares on a collage, packed it up to be shipped off to OK! I really felt it needed a flute, for some true personalization for this dear niece. I've been spouting off numbers so here's some more: I have 10 nieces and 8 nephews! Oops! Some are married, so that's 11 nieces and 10 nephews! There! Now, lets check for any more upcoming birthdays....Oh! There's one! I'm afraid the Col-Lage fever has struck again!!! Off I go!


*Heidi* said...

I loved your original collage for Stephanie, but I do see why you made the few changes...the flute is perfect on the now-readable "Amazing Grace"... good thing you don't use E6000 glue, or you wouldn't be able to make changes! Beautiful & thoughtful collage.

And what a activity laden weekend! Fun for you, Bruce & Ruffy at the park! You mentioned "samples", but you didn't say what? For Ruffy?

The 3 ATC's you rec'd are fabulous! I love the fall leaf one in particular. I got mine back today from Kim Bennet, and she did ultra-uber-good! She sent two that are adorable! (The pictures are on my other computer or I would have posted them...) I can't believe she made what she did with what I sent! They are so cute! That was a great swap!

Anonymous said...

Love the collage! I like the high heel boot! And of course the glitter letters and frame, and the lock and key, oh it is all so pretty!!

e. beck said...

i check your blog frequently and you've been missing!!! hope you are doing something fabulous that's keeping you busy and away .....e

Amy said...

Hi Sparky!! I'm hosting another swap if you are interested!



deb said...

That collage is A-mazing!!

Anonymous said...
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