Thursday, June 7, 2007


Here are some pictures of swaps I'm in! First, are pictures of ATCs I'm sending to my 3 swap partners, then are pictures of my Mary Engelbreit swap! Ever since I signed up for the "Found on a Walk" swap I haven't been the same! While out walking my eyes scan the ground for little shiny or interesting things, or even a fallen rose. Each picture is a group of cards for a partner. I was supposed to send each person 2 cards, but actually sent 4 cards to each since I had so much fun collecting and creating for this swap.

I found lots of neat stuff. I didn't use it all, but here's a list of things I found and used for these cards: a rose, a geranium, little colored dots, little felt dots, bird egg shell, jewels, cardboard, glass, puzzle pieces, fun foam dragon fly, and a Make-A-Bear pin.

I'm getting my Mary Engelbreit swap packed up for my partner, too! Lots of thanks goes to my sister Heidi for sending me 3 nice pieces of Mary Engelbreit fabric, and one of her lovely tags! I also included some ME Cherry Tea, a teapot stamp, a small journal, stickers and other goodies! What fun this was!

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*Heidi* said...

These are lovely swap ATC's! You have so many techniques represented, it looks like tons of fun! The one of the puzzle pieces is very cool! And your Mary Engelbreiet swap partner is in for the boat load on this one...she's one LUCKY swapper! Cute ME stamp, too! Loved all these pictures in this posting!