Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer Sun Swapping Fun!

Here's my latest batch of ATCs! I made them for a swap on Swap-Bot called the "Gold Leafing Pen Resist Swap"! It's an artist technique from the book Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin. This a fabulous and colorful book, chock full of interesting new ideas to try with your artist cards. If you love making these little cards, I highly recommend buying this book! I've already renewed it 3 times from our city library, and now must return it. But I hope to soon own a copy! Here's how I made these cards: I basically scribbled on watercolor paper with a gold leafing pen, then water colored at random over it. Metallic pen resists the watercolor, and makes the paper look cool. Then, on some of the cards I stamped, before putting on the main subject. On some, I glued on magazine pictures, on some others I did a packing tape lift from pictures. I put the tape over a picture, and then soaked the paper off, rubbing when necessary. This leaves a wonderful see-through picture which worked perfectly for this project. It was my idea to use the tape for this project, and it worked out nicely. The lighted lamp post light is my favorite! Soon, these will all be sent off to my ATC swap partners!

Other projects in the works right now are my "Paperbag Scrapbook Swap", and I'm working on another collage for my daughter! I may also be hosting a Summer Sun Give-Away! Stay tuned for that! I'm thinking of picking up something in Michaels for that!

Thanks for looking at all these pictures today!


*Heidi* said...

Wow, Sallie! Now I know what you've been so busy working on! I'll look for that book at our library, they often will buy a book for the readers if they don't have it! Your art techniques are way over my head! First of all, I don't have a gold leafing pen! So I'm already "out"! And the lifting of an image with tape is so cool. Um, could you come up an show and teach me in person??? :) Bring Genece, so she can craft too! Anyway, all these ATC's are so cool! Then you go give them away! At least you are getting some good pictures first! I'll be watching for your Summer Sun Blog Giveaway!!!! I need that, it's been raining for the last two days up here....But don't let that scare you away!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sallie! Beautiful work!! I will have to look for the book at the libray too! So many wonderful pieces to look at! I have to say I am in love with your collage! Scotty dogs are a favorite! I love the lady in red, and the shoes! Oh, I just love it all! my hubby is from the San Jose area, we will be there next week, and then all of August in Hollister! I love your area!!