Saturday, June 9, 2007

My Grandmother's Swing

Oh, how I loved to go to Grandma's house! That pure Grandma love and attention was so precious to me. Here's a picture I thought I'd lost!!! Since I recently located it I'm posting it to show how happy I am to have found it. It's one of my favorite pictures from childhood, age 4 in this picture. My Grandma wore her apron all the time around the house. I know she was busy fixing supper or something for me and my big family, 6 at that time. Yet, she still had time for me, to come outside and push me on her swing. My Grandma lived for 8 more years after this picture, and I still miss her. Can you see their big garden behind us? I remember it being full of raspberries and corn. Everytime I see a raspberry I think of my Grandma.


*heidi* said...

*love* this picture with all my heart!

*the smile on your face says it all*

Malady said...

Hi Sally! I'm so excited to be your Bit and Pieces Swap partner. i'm going to get started right away!


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