Friday, June 29, 2007

The Summer Sun Blog Giveaway!

At Heidi's (Everyday Cookies) suggestion, I'm also having a SUMMER SUN BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!

I'm offering this package of dimensional flowers from Martha Stewart's new line of paper crafts. There are 8 summer flowers in 3 different colors. These are the large 1 3/4" size, perfect for all paper crafts. I call them summer flowers, maybe asters?

Just say "hi" in the comments on this Blog or yesterday's post and I'll put your name in my hat for the drawing! I'll draw my winner next Friday, July 8th. Thanks for joining in the fun!

I still don't know what kind of wildflowers I'm growing! Here's another picture of them, with a few more blooms. I'm not real great at identifying flowers! Just ask Heidi, the green-thumb gardener: She was showing me around her beautiful property one year, and I suddenly, helpfully reached down and pulled up a big "weed"!!! Heidi in horror asked, "Sallie!!! Why did you pull up my flowers? I just planted that!" EEEK! So, you see I need a little help in the flower department! Thanks for any suggestions! And have fun this summer!


*Heidi* said...

Oh, count me "in" your drawing! How fun, something from the Martha Stewart line at Michaels! And, Sallie, come back, you can pick any flowers any day and I won't say a word!!!! Happy Summer!

Dolly said...


Your blog is sooo cute!

Put my name in the hat for the drawing!
Hope my luck changes!

Hugz, Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

Mary Ann said...

Throw me in the mix, too!

Suzan-- said...

"hi"..I loveeee wild flowers!! Would have a whole yard of them!! Please put me in the hat. You have a beautiful blog!