Saturday, June 23, 2007

Collage I made for Amy

My Swap partner, Amy, has received her collage from me so I can safely post the picture here! I bravely signed up for Jenny's "Bits & Pieces" collage swap and actually managed to put together a collage that Amy seems to like! It was seriously such fun to make; however it was also a challenge, in many ways: the mathematics of dividing a 9" X 12" board up, my paint choice - this board was painted 6 times with several different colors til I was happy with the results. Not to mention the backgrounds, collage items, and how to handle that flaky glitter!

This swap was Jenny's idea (from Everyday is a Holiday). She set the guidelines for the swap: Purchase a 9" X 12" canvas, either stretched over a wooden frame or flat. Divide it into 12 sections, and decorate it with "what's left on your craft table" or whatever your heart desires! I had to do quite a bit of experimenting with all elements of this, but sure enjoyed it all. You can see more completed collages, and sneak peaks, here at Jenny's Flickr site.

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*Heidi* said...

You painted the background 6 times? Wow! There's a lot of your heart and soul in this piece of art! What a fun swap, we learned so much...through trial, error and "practice" boards! I love the one I recieved and I love the one I's that for a successful swap? I think you feel the same way too!