Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July 2007!!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Hope you're all having a fun and safe holiday with family and friends. We got to display a brand new United States flag this morning, with brightly colored stars and stripes. Some stores were selling more of a maroon colored red, but we bought one "Made In America" that was a true red.

This is my little terrier mix, Ruffy! It's my day to show him off! He looks so cute in the patriotic hat! My favorite picture of all time of him, is the last one with his tennis ball. He was just looking at me so intently when I called his name and took his picture. I have that one on my computer desktop. After looking at it, I must say I see love in his eyes. We've owned him for three years but I've never said to the dog, "I love you." But I did this week, after really seeing in his eyes how he feels about me. (Tongue in cheek or not, it's still a cute picture!)

My prayers go up with millions others that God will protect our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and keep them out of harms way. They are so very brave and are doing all they can to bring peace. I'll keep praying for them all, and for America.


*Heidi* said...

Your Fourth of July Ruffy picture is darling! I smiled real big when I opened up your blog! He's got very charming eyes, but I think he's got charming fingers...and he's got your wrapped around his pinky! LOL Hope he's okay tonight with all the fireworks going off!

e. beck said...

i love the pics of ruffy.....i've had my dog for about six months and profess my love to her on a regular basis.....