Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Interviews About Michael's

I thought I'd add a few more comments regarding Michael's again. After all, it's such a fun store and I bring them lots of money every time I go! So I really delved deeper into what my kids thought of it. I openly told Nathan his comments yesterday were pretty funny, and asked him what else he had to say about Michael's. He had about 4 more statements. "It's a lot of old stuff. It's like stuff from the '90s. It's all dusty. It's like looking through a junk drawer!" And that's about all he had to say about that!

So, I asked my daughter Erica what she thinks of Michael's, knowing full well she values it. Here's her comments: "It's just little stuff, little knick-knacks. And some of the stuff is expensive for what it is. Go once a week with the coupon, and be a smart shopper. And they could get more stuff for kids." (She's a teacher.)

So, between today and yesterday, that sums up what we think of our closest craft store!


*Heidi* said...

My my my. We should re-name you The Michaels Family! LOL You just keep cutting those coupons and shopping there and report back to us all your goodies! Some of us have NO craft stores and would put up even with horrible music to get one! I can only imagine the Bruceism that would come if he had to shop with me...at thrift stores!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am still laughing at the first Michael's comments! My husband would rather die than go in there too! I did get him to as he calls it to "take one for the team" when we were in San Jose, he went to the Cupertino Flea Market! I was in heaven it being my first time, he said it was a bunch of OPC, "other People's Cr*p!

*Heidi* said...

LOL, to Amy's husband's name for "finds"... OPC!!! I've never been to that Cupertino Flea Market but I think Phil & Marti go ALL the time! They find great "OPC"!