Monday, July 9, 2007

I (mostly) Love Michael's!

This spring a brand new Michael's craft store opened up pretty close to where we live! Yay! Joy! I go there pretty frequently, depending on what's going on. I mostly love that store! It's chock full of wonderful crafting supplies, it's a place to get new ideas, and the best part is: Usually there's a 40% off coupon in the Sunday paper! And who doesn't love a bargain? Also, they accept other craft store coupons!!! They even ring me in 2 transactions if I want to use 2 coupons! This new store is directly under the landing flight path of our airport, so it frequently rocks and roars!

My very few complaints have to do with that music there. This is the truth, I swear. I usually hear the same song, every time I'm there! And that's so annoying, it's funny! Sometimes they don't play music. Last time I was there, was a no-music day. But I kept hearing these beats, or tones. I thought some employees somewhere had a radio on? I went back to look at the wonderful Clearance section, and the sounds got louder. I finally had to investigate, and went up and down a few aisles before I found it. Halloween stuff! Yup, you guessed it. July's a great time to display an entire Halloween village for sale, complete with a 3-toned spooky creepy sound which I could not get out of my head! Long (high) short- short (lower). I can still sing it. Oh, and frequently there's the loud sound of glass breaking somewhere.

Now for the funny stuff. My husband is often very funny, and speaks his share of wisecracks. I've begun to call them "Bruce-isms". He has some mighty strong feelings about Michael's. The past 2 times we've gone there, or should I say I go there and he waits somewhere for me, I've written down what he says, word-for-word. Actually, today I didn't need to write it down. I just needed several glues, and he was planning just to sit in the heat of the car and wait . I politely, "Are you sure you wouldn't like to come in where it's cool?" He quickly responded, "I would die." Later, after dinner I wanted more, so I questioned him further about how he feels about Michael's. Here's a big Bruceism mouthful: (and I do apologize for openly offending anyone) "Michael's is an irritating store, with No value. It's a woman's store, young, old, or middle aged women. Have you ever seen a male in there? It's very dangerous. No guy should ever be permitted in there, ever. It's no place for a man. I don't want to be spotted by another male there. They would turn me in." OK, you guys. You'd better be laughing!!! He's not artistic and has a big opinion about everything. I think it's funny!

In fact, last week while we were on the way to the shopping center, where I was going into Michael's and he into Trader Joe's he got to talking about Michael's. I quickly grabbed my paper and without him noticing, I began to take notes. I was laughing and laughing at what he was saying, all the way there. By the time we arrived my stomach just ached from all that laughter. He wasn't laughing, he was dead serious. Here's his opinion of Michael's. "It's a Pirara store." (I corrected him; he was trying to say piranha.) "It's a flesh-eating store. There's far too many little knick-knacks in there; things I don't like. I don't like looking at that stuff. It's a place where you lose your mind. It's a prison. That's true, right?" (he's absolutely dead serious while saying this, and I'm just cracking up royal! I can hardly type right now, thinking of him saying all this so openly!) He went on, "Do you ever see a male of the species in that store? NO - only if they're a 1st grade teacher..." and on! See what I have to live with?

Actually, I guess he must've gone with me a few times and I took too long? Or he got lost in there? I don't remember, but sounds like he's definately been in there!

After dinner tonight, I was wondering if this opinion is a father-son type thing, so I decided to ask my son what he thought of Michael's! Now, Nathan is rather artistic, and has taken several art courses at college. Here's his response, "Michael's? It has a lot of cheap stuff. Like 5 cent buttons or something, thread. Things there have very small packaging. They must have a lot of stolen stuff since they're so small. They probably mark up the stuff because of that." I think he'd go again! Good!

Well, just thought I'd share a corner of my life. My DH is great, and quite a talker. Sometimes his opinions are funny, sometimes maddening! Actually, one of my brothers once said he was the funniest person he knew!


*Heidi" said...

Oh dear!!! You're getting me in trouble!!! LOL I'm laughing out loud, and I mean LOUD!!! Mark's trying to sleep (gets up at 3:30 AM...) LOL This is about the funniest thing I've read yet! First, I love your coined word, "Bruce-isms"! Second, he's cracking me up! "No male should ever been seen in there?" LOL, and Nate cracks me up even more, with his small stuff and big mark up!!! Oh, my! Thank goodness for Erica, I'm sure she'll still go in there with you! The last time I went to Michael's I had Mark as my "lead", he said we spend 2 minutes per isle, then move on! LOL He was great, though, he encouraged me to buy a lot! If I questioned an item too long, he said, "just buy it!"

Great story! Oh, and the!!!

Oh...and speaking of writing down the other persons comments on the sly...I just found the comments YOU said as we played Scrabble for 48 hours straight...I was writting them down...I think it was 1998...Hum, that will make a good story....

I'll send out a brown paper bag scrapbook to you tomorrow...try out that new glue from Michael's on it!!!

Jules said...

That was hysterical,he isnt related to my husband is he,we dont have michaels (sounds like heaven) we do have Lincraft and spotlight and my husband is carefull never to pass the threshold of them,he says the same stuff i see him shudder and he goes to the auto place next door that they thank god have there for the male species.My son on the other hand is arty and now loves it and thats worse as he costs me money i could spend on ME !