Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm a Winner! Scrabble, and Scrapbooks!

I'm just so excited! I actually won a prize from a very special Blogger, Amy Elise Designs! She just announced I won a packet of her famous goodie pack of ephemera! Her sweet and darling son picked my name! Thank you very much, Amy Elise!!!! You've made me smile and smile! I was poking around her Etsy store a week or so ago, and found her wonderful tags for sale, quite inexpensively! Part of my order was a big bag of about 30 of her pretty tags for only $3.00! I've included a picture of some of them. It was my first time buying on Etsy! I also put in an order for some of Frankie's (Blue Moon Studio) lovely paper flowers, again about 12 for $2.50. What wonderful affordable fun! I enjoyed using some of each in the paper bag scrapbook I finished yesterday.

Here are the pictures of my very first brown paper bag scrapbook! I made this at the encouragement of Heidi, who generously sends these out to any one who asks her for one. The other one I pictured last week was made by my daughter, so this is my first attempt. The picture of the cover also has the 3 side insert cards. I thoroughly enjoyed making this album!

Lastly, I've got to help spread the word that there's a new Scrabble dictionary out there! It's the 4th edition. Man oh man, it's got a couple new words in it that are doosies!!! Now, "QI" is a word, as is "ZA". This is big, big news for a die-hard Scrabble player like myself. I'm not sure what else is new, but I'll keep checking. My daughter and I love to play Scrabble, especially our new game Super Scrabble. It has 5 blanks instead of 2, 10 Ss, and we can really score high playing on it! Anyway, get the news out about this new 4th edition Scrabble dictionary! If I come to your house to play, I'll need it!!!! (Or you'll never believe QI is actually a word.)


Mary Ann said...

What fabulous goodies! Have you seen the Scrabble game with the rotating board? oooh!

*Heidi* said...

Wow, what a beautiful scrapbook you've made! Heather is going to *love* this! I see you've added the "H" and the flower to the front since you posted on the Flicker Group! Your page-papers are so pretty, every one of them! I love your sentiments, embellishments and I think I even saw some stitching! Congrats on winning Amy's drawing! Bet you smiled big to that win! The other paper flowers you bought on Etsy are pretty, too. And...a new Scrabble dictionary? LOL, all I do w/ my Scrabble letters is CRAFTS!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the pictures of your scrapbook, I loved "opening" them up big and studying with you've made!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous scrapbook, lovin' every page! I just received one from Heidi too, can't wait to get that started! I am also a big fan of Blue Moon Studio! I hoard her flowers!