Monday, July 23, 2007

Some Received ATCs & some Shopping Songs!I

Hi everyone! In case you're tired of seeing my art work, today you get to see several cards I've received from recent swaps! I had 2 Childhood Memory ATC swap partners. The first lovely set of 3 cards was sent to me by the talented Jullie Dodds. Her beautiful cards are slick and totally finished off, very professional! I love them! I'm sure they were very time consuming to create, and really shows. The next 2 Childhood Memories cards were made by another talented and creative artist, Hollie, from the UK. Her charming cards were made from 3 identical photos that had been cut and glued onto each other, giving a 3-D look. Aren't they gorgeous? The last 2 cards were sent from Deborah Edgwell of New Jersey. These 2 were for the "Found on a Walk" swap that we all enjoyed so much! Isn't that flat rock wonderful? This was the swap that changed me forever: I'm forever looking down and around for things to make cards out of!

I had to run into Michael's this weekend (I forgot why!) and sure enough: they played that song they ALWAYS play every time I go in there! The other songs are always just a blur, but this one is distinct and comes on loud and strong. I almost laughed out loud! It's just unreal...EVERY time I'm there I hear it! Then, I had to go pick up something from Hancock fabric store. I immediately noticed their very cool oldies rock music! What a treat! All of a sudden, just for me, my song came on the air!!!! "Mustang Sally"!!!! (My name is Sallie, and I used to drive a '65 Mustang!) I was just thrilled! I made sure I bought a few extra items, just to thank them! And I also promise I won't return anything!

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*heidi* said...

Hey there, Mustang Sally! We've seen your '67 Camaro, but now will we get to see pictures of your '65 Mustang? You must have know the secret to getting the guys... :)

Your recieved ATC's are all very creative! I'd love to try that layered card technique, she used the same picture three times?

I have so much to do (Art Doll swap; Teal ATC swap; brown-bag swap...) plus my sign painting and my regular job, and all the stuff going on around here! I'm so relieved when I come over here and find you "alive"!

thank you for your posts!!!! love all the pictures!!!