Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Won!!!

Today was a big mail day! I won a prize drawing from the very generous Amy Elise Designs, and it arrived today!!! I was so excited and happy as I opened the big pouch of goodies! Tags, paper flowers, lovely paper, buttons, fancy brads, and more all came pouring out of the jam packed envelope! I'm so glad I entered that contest! This was big, big, big! I immediately used some paper and ribbon, and have lots more to use. Thank you so very, very much Amy!!! You're a doll!!! Oh, also in the mail was my order from her! I couldn't resist getting some more of her pretty tags! I love those tags!

I finished my Art Doll Hat and have mailed it off. I'll post pictures as soon as I hear that she's been received by Cheryl. I'm excited about recieving the doll she made me, too. She even gave me a sneak peak of it, and it's beautiful!!! I also finished a birthday present for someone very special, but I can't show it for awhile...she may drop by here! Hint: It's very pretty, and about 9" X 12"! I'm still working away on my next paper bag scrapbook, the one for the swap. I should finish in another few days, and will post pictures here.

I hope eveyone's enjoying their summers, especially those lucky ones on vacations - like Amy and Heidi!


Stephanie said...

pretty stuff!

*Heidi* said...

How lucky! Amy was so generous in her give-away drawing! And with what you ordered from her Etsy shop you're set for supplies for a while! Amy makes the cutest tags and things, I'll be you're still admiring each item. Thanks for the vacation well-wishes! We'll have fun, but I'll be sure to sneak back into blogland! Meanwhile, watch for my swap ENVELOPE...I'll mail it tomorrow!

Mary Ann said...

That's more than lucky - that's just genius!