Thursday, February 1, 2007

Corn Cobb, Cotton Balls, and Water Bottle Lid: EYES!

Here's something to crack you up today! This is a picture of a project I helped a group of Pioneer Club girls make, to fulfill part of their "Artist" badge. These are self-image collages, made from empty milk gallon jugs and mounted on boxes. What I love most is their choice of EYES!!! The first one has some little dried corn husks, then just cotton balls, and then buttons inside water bottle lids. I just love it! I had a huge table-full of supplies and this is what they came up with! Oh the joys of working with kids. Now we'll finish the "Junk Art" project, then do a salt and watercolor painting. All for these sweet Future Artists of America!

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Heidie said...

These are just precious! ... And FUNNY! Each one is so individualized! Corn cobb eyes? Where in the world would a child come up with that idea? Thanks for sharing these pictures. Your kids are lucky to have you as a leader!