Monday, February 26, 2007

Meet "Dottie" & "Dashele" - The Silly Cousins!

Introducing: "Dottie" and "Dashele"! The Silly Cousins! (AKA Dot and Dash ala Morse-code land!)
These little sweeties will soon occupy the bedroom and dorm room of university students and cousins! One will go to U.C Berkeley, into a charming Victorian sorority house, and the other into the bedroom of Erica, a San Jose State University student and my daughter!

When I showed Erica the first completed "Silly Girl" she exclaimed, "It's cute! But Mom, it needs a top!" So I arranged for her Silly, "Dashele", to wear a top. And when I told her I was making her cousin "C" one, she said she wanted the Silly with the tutu! She really like that outfit.

The pretty fabric for the clothes needs mentioning, since they were chosen by "C" for a huge fancy bulletin board covering in her dorm room. She bought enough for her roommate, too, who apparently had something else in mind! So, I got the chance to use a little of the pretty fabrics, and will surprise her with this little dolly wearing clothes made out of them! And it just may match her bulletin board!

These 2 little Silly Cousins feel right at ease next to books, notebooks, laptops, markers and everything else that may be found in a college girl's room, including possible coffee - since they smell like it! Have fun at college, little Dottie and Dashele.

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Heidi said...

OH Sallie, these two are so cute! They make me smile! How fun to use that special fabric, too. I laughed at the coffee mention, as when I need to paint my two "sisters" yesterday Mark was very happy to make some coffee to use! It was like he wanted to be a part of the project! He told me the girls need Hawaiian clothes, so I did my best with the fabric I had on hand! I agree w/ Erica, the tu-tu is too cute! Missy set up a Flicker photo group for these dolls, I'll try to post the link. Turned out I already had an account there from years ago! And, on to the names: Dash-the cat, what happened w/ her? And Dottie and Dashele? How brilliant is that? Very cool, does Daddy know? And to send them to the Big Universities! Now I think I'll have to send some to some more college girls... LOL :) Thanks for the pictures. (Is that your DH's new laptop? And, have you been drinking coffee??)