Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ruffy the Scruffy Terrier Rules the Roost

Here's Ruffy! Our 2 yr old terrier mix (Cairn and Yorkie). We've had him for 2 years now, and I can assure him this is his forever home, as we're hooked on him and all his cute antics! He's our little "Pound Puppy". Two year ago, on a wet Tuesday in February, he became famous in San Jose! He got his name and "mug" in the San Jose Mercury News! My arms showed, but they cut off my face in the picture featuring him! Why did they do that?

Here's how the article began...

While much of the state struggled through storms and heavy rain Monday, Ruffy the scruffy terrier had a field day at Watson Dog Park in San Jose.

It wouldn't have mattered to the mud-covered terrier mix if it had stormed -- as long as he still got to go out and play with his friends. But the humans at the park were delighted to feel sunshine for more than a few minutes.

"We were here yesterday and we had to give him a bath," said Sallie Barnes of Santa Clara as she and her husband, Bruce, watched Ruffy race for a tennis ball with his pal Daisy.

A severe storm had been predicted for the Santa Clara Valley, but "it's pretty much bypassing your area," said Diana Henderson, forecaster technician wall over the ...ith the Monterey Forecast Center of the National Weather Service. "We've got lightning and thunder storms...

Just wanted to remind everyone what a special and famous dog we have!!! Oh it's not that. It's all the fun Bruce and I have taking him for walks, to the doggy park, arguing over how deep under the covers he's allowed....("Just so he's not on the sheets!!" says Bruce)

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Heidi said...

Sweet Ruffy! You're still famous in our eyes! Sarge says bring that famous Ruffy up to play anyday! We've had a couple sunny days now, incredible, after all that rain & snow!