Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! I got my inspiration for this post from my sister H. She loves pink, Valentine's Day, pictures, the previously loved...and buttons! This one's for you, H!!! And don't fall out of your chair when you see I've finally added a post! Well, there's something in the air today, and I just feel good! My DH gave me a very pretty, slightly pinkish pearl necklace and earring set! So lovely! I wore the set to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch today, for salads, soup, and muffins. I don't think I need anything to eat the rest of the day. Nevertheless, I'm nibbling on a fantastic pretzel, made by Erica, dipped in white chocolate and little pink hearts. What a fantastic treat! Her class made those for gifts to their parents. Also, at Erica's club they made "Candle Jackets", decorating a paper holder to go around a red pillar candle. They also had some Valentine's garland attached. This is ala Carla Dornacher, and her Christmas candle jacket idea. I've got to go find my sister R's web site now, and then my sister G's web site. Have a great day - eer couple weeks, ya'll! Love ya! Happy Valentine's Day!

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Heidi said...

*big smile*
Payday! A Valentine's post by you! I love your BE MINE with buttons! Also, that paper heart is just beautiful paper! Someone was lucky to receive that! Erica's pretzels dipped in chocolate sound wonderful! As do the candles with we get pictures? Lucky you to receive jewelry AND have somewhere to wear it! (LOL) Mark gave me Haagen-Dazs Rocky Road ice cream and a big bag of licorice...both my favorites. Between that and my Hot Pink Heart Sugar Cookies...oh my did I wake up with a sugar headache today! Thanks for the every single word!
Love, H