Saturday, February 24, 2007

My "Silly Girl" Doll

Here she is!!!! My little "Silly Girl" doll! I made it myself! Yes, can you believe that? I also made her the French toilie purse! Heidi thinks I made this because she dared me!!!....the TRUTH is, once I read the instructions over, and saw I got to give this dolly a coffee bath!!! there was no turning back! I love to use natural food dyes on things! You can see the pretty tones in the different lighting.

She has a cousin on Heidi's site! And, she knows about this already since they were both baked together, but she has a sister who's going to debut in a day or two! Yes, this is very exciting. And I did take the dare Heidi gave me! Making her was fun, but at times quite comical. Once I even laughed out loud at myself! Could you believe it'd take not only a sewing machine to make here, but also a vacuum, a screwdriver, an oven, a pot of coffee and lots of stringy thread. All credit for this sweet project goes to the creator of the free pattern, Missy Ballance, of Little Missy Primitives. Thank you very much, Missy! And thank you Carla Dornacher for the darling purse pattern. (

Sewing something other than square pillows really felt good! Would anyone else accept my dare to make a little Silly Girl doll?


Heidi said...

Oh, Sallie, she's a cutie pie! What's her name? And she's going to have a sister? I love her cute little tu-tu looking skirt! And, lucky doll, she's got a purse? That's really cute. I hope you share where you got those instructions! I had to laugh at you...jumping at the excuse to make a pot of cofee. Did you break your rules and drink some as you painted her? Then I had to think of why you used a screwdriver, but it came to me, to push out her inside? You should buy Missy's hemostats, they're great, makes that work easy! It helped in the stuffing, too. I'll be watching for the siblings!

Missy said...

These are both sooo sweet! I love that you are working outside of the box :) Great job!!