Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How To NOT Impress Your Daughter's Boyfriend!!!

Every word of this entry, ashamedly, is true! Yup, it all happened. So here we go: How to NOT impress your daughter's boyfriend!

  1. Serve him a piece of cake with a Necco Conversation Heart on it that says "Go Home"!!! On Valentine's Day this year I made a cake to take to a women's meeting, and brought the leftovers home for Erica and her boyfriend. I served them each a piece and Collin kind of quietly announced what his candy said. I was so embarrassed!!! I'd just hurriedly thrown on the conversation hearts, and didn't even know there were some mean ones!
  2. Serve him a late-night sandwich on moldy bread!!! Yup, one evening he came over after working late without dinner, and actually took a bite out of that sandwich before noticing the mold! Yuck! We need brighter lights in our kitchen! Now, whenever he comes over to eat, Erica always says, "Mom, now lets make sure there's no hair or mold in the food." As if she'd actually have to say that!
  3. Burn the lasagna! Oh well, it was still good, even if the bottom layer was burned onto the pan.
  4. Burn the lamp! You got it, I was working especially hard not to have moldy food, burned food, you name it. And, Erica and I worked hard to make a yummy Chicken Tortilla casserole. I even put on a cloth tablecloth and candles, and lit them! But oh dear! My lamp shade caught on fire! It started dripping down these marble sized pieces of melt all over our table cloth as we were eating, YIKES!
  5. Laugh when he gets stuck in the bathroom! Oh, are we mean, or should I say giggly? Our bathroom door is old and doesn't lock. Well, we all know that. But if someone else locks it, you get locked in, and takes quite some racket to get out. And it's happened twice to Collin. What's really funny is what he says when he comes out!

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Heidi said...

If every word of this is true.....

Then he's a KEEPER!

GO Home???? LOL That one alone takes the cake! I think I needed some of those candies years ago when JW had boys over.... Remember? LOL