Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sweet Little Lost Kitty "Dash"

Here's another colorful living creature of February: This precious little lost kitty. Oh was she hungry! She showed up skinny and starving two nights ago, and has lived in our SUV ever since. (We have 2 cats, one quite mean, and a feisty little terrier so she couldn't come "in".) We took her to our vet, and they found she actually had an ID microchip, but there have been no return calls from the supposed owners. That chip gave us her original name, "Dash"! What an unusual name! I wonder how she got it? Did she like to dash around, or dash out? Do the stripes and dots on her pretty orange coat remind someone of dots and dashes? It takes about 24 hours to really bond and get attached to a sweet kitty such as this, and believe me, it happened to me. I thought maybe my parents would want her, since their dear, precious kitty, Dossie, died last fall. Sadly, my mom at first said no, and for some very valid reasons. So, I tearfully drove off to the Humane Society to drop her off. As I was turning into the street they're on, Erica called me and excitedly said, "MOM! I called Grandma back and she said they could take her! At least through the weekend! Make a U-turn and bring her home!" Oh, did that make me happy! So, she's bringing her over to her new home, even if it winds up just a temporary one, tonight! Dash'll be glad to get out of the truck and dash around a little, I'm sure. We have a newspaper ad, her description at the pound, the phone calls, and letter to the "chip" owner, so maybe she has her owner waiting for her somewhere? We'll see. But, look how sweet and peaceful she it, sleeping under the DASH board in our truck. Wait a little longer, dear one. A warm, loving home awaits you.

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Heidi said...

Daddy said, "Sallie's got a new Kitty." Daddy didn't say, "Mommie and I got a new Kitty." Dash is going to have to dash back and both between your homes until one of you decides who is the new owner of Dash!
Funny name.
Funny Sallie.