Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I kid you not, this thing was huge!! Yes, it's a great big spider under a glass, caught on our kitchen cabinet yesterday at 2 A.M. My husband put in under a glass, and put a big sign SPIDER next to it, and wanted it left for awhile to study, right on the kitchen counter! My daughter and I just couldn't stand it, and she begged me to get rid of it. So, I did! It was horrible!!! You should have heard the scream as I whacked it! This spider, probably a Wolf Spider but I'm not sure, was at least 3 inches big! The worst part is, we also had one in our bathroom and on our bedroom wall! Yes, all within 3 days. We've been invaded by these scary, huge things, and I'm not sure what it is or if they're poisonous. I've been seeing the pest guy's truck around town lately, and I imagine him dropping these off all over town, so they can reproduce and he can get business. I mean, really! How much can I take?


Heidi said...

Oh boy. Thanks for that. Not. Now I'm going to have spider nightmares!!!


eewww i got creeped out right when i saw the picture! i would sleep in a bubble (=